Self-Consumption managed by ISS1Play

Installation and configuration of a self consumption system managed by INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play

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Detailed wiring diagrams

TT Grounding Systems: Link to document
TN Grounding Systems: Link to document

INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play only connected to PV (without batteries)

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Battery-Backup Function

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Operating mode

Grid status
Non operational

Energy balance
PV = 0

Battery state of charge (SOC)
SOC = 100%
(A) 100% > SOC > SOChyst
(B) SOChyst > SOC > SOCmin

(C) SOCmin > SOC > SOCrecx
(D) SOCrecx > SOC > SOCdescx

SOC = SOCdescx

Note: Self-consumption operating mode where the injection of PV surplus on the grid is not permitted and battery charge with energy coming from the grid is permitted.