About us


Ingecon Sun Training is formed by a dynamic, highly-qualified team of staff, committed to the training and professional development of the technical personnel involved in the operation, maintenance, marketing and promotion of the Ingecon Sun equipment.

Ingecon Sun Training has its head offices in the City of Innovation (Sarriguren, Navarre, Spain). From there, all the training activities carried out at all the Ingeteam facilities around the world, are co-ordinated.

Due to the fact that it has customers across the globe, Ingecon Sun Training has located a number of Showrooms around the world, to provide our customers with easy access to training and content that will help optimise the response of our equipment.

Experience has shown us the importance of remaining in close communication with all our customers, ensuring that each and every customer is kept informed of all the latest innovations and improvements that are being made to the equipment on an ongoing basis.

Our beliefs:

“The ultimate objective of our courses is to generate a consolidated and open view of the product and its environment, so that our customers serve as an inspiration for our future developments.”

“We are aware of the importance of your time and we know how to optimise it. Experience has shown us how to meet the most demanding training requirements, quickly and efficiently.”

“Our courses are adapted to suit your needs, to ensure that you get the results you expect. We are customer-oriented and focussed on meeting all our customers’ training needs.”

“Our training is based and focussed on the practical application of knowledge gained. In this way, we help our customers reduce the number of incidents and ensure that they learn how to resolve any problems quickly and effectively.”

”Our training personnel also work in R&D activities. They therefore have a completely up-to-date view of PV technology.”

“Training is the only tool that can minimise errors and we consider it to be a way to build mutual loyalty with our customers.”